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Security CCTV Cameras

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Security CCTV Cameras

We specialize in the installation of TVI cameras and 4K IP cameras equipped with built-in speakers and microphones, ensuring top-tier surveillance and communication capabilities.

Security CCTV Cameras

Secure your premises with our state-of-the-art CCTV camera solutions. Contact Tikom Technologies today for a consultation and let us enhance your security infrastructure.


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TVI Cameras
Experience high-definition surveillance with our TVI (Transport Video Interface) cameras. We provide professional installation, offering crystal-clear video quality for enhanced security.
4K IP Cameras with Audio Integration
Upgrade to the latest in surveillance technology with our 4K IP cameras. Benefit from ultra-high resolution and integrated speakers/microphones for two-way communication, adding an extra layer of security.
Custom Solutions for Your Needs
Tailor your security setup to meet your unique requirements. Our expert team will assess your premises and recommend the ideal CCTV camera configuration for optimal coverage.
Professional Installation Services
Ensure seamless operation with our professional installation services. Our technicians are trained to set up and configure your CCTV cameras efficiently, maximizing their effectiveness.

Why Choose Tikom Technologies ?

Cutting-Edge Technology Expert Installation Custom Solutions

Stay ahead with the latest CCTV camera technology, including TVI cameras and 4K IP cameras with audio integration.

Rely on our skilled technicians for precise and professional camera installation, ensuring optimal performance.

We understand that every property is unique. Our team crafts customized solutions to address your specific security needs.